The Pelican Brief (1993) comparisons

If you compare the movie “The Pelican brief” with historical facts, the movie was not that far fetched. In the light of what we have learned about our presidents and many of thier administrations, a great majority of president for the past 55 years have all had skeletons in the White House closets (some literally). In Feb. 1993 the Clinton’s began their reign of terror with Ruby Ridge, Waco-Branch Dividian, Oklahoma City Bombing, Vince Fosters murder, Ron Browns murder, White Water-Gate, FBI-gate, Post office gate, Mena Airport Drugs, and the murder of boys on the tracks in Alexander Ark. The death list that followed the Clinton’s is unbelievably long and the likelyhood of three dozen dead bodies lying in their wake shows just how wicked they really are.
During Herbert W. Bush’s administration (read my lips) we saw the beginning of the war on terror, preparing the way for what was to come to the Middle East. Zapata Oil (big oil) interests, a White House Call-Boy Ring, and the continuation of drug trades for arms. The U.S. received tons of drugs, and our non-enemies received weapons for continued wars and skirmishes. During the second Bush administration with Dick Chaney running the show from behind the scenes (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain) we began the elusive search for Bin Laden the alledged mystery man behind the 911 attacks. The second war on terror kicked off with 19 box cutter terrorists with absolutely no ability to fly a small Cessna in an attempted flight school, let alone a large passenger jet airliner at 500 mph into buildings in downtown Manhattan NY. The new battle cry became; “your either with us or your with the terrorists”. The desired goal was ineviteably the Oil Fields of Iraq, and opium harvest of Southwest Asia. What new world order would be in vogue without a brand new Homeland Security, Patriot Act, TSA groping at the local airport and radiation body scanners. During the Bush Admin. new technology was introduce with the destruction of the World Trade Center vaporizing into a cloud of dust (Dustification) before our vary eyes, and the out break of huricanes and levee breaks. The Obama administration was simply a follow up which brought us NDAA and Patriot Act 2 . Barry Sotero (Barack Obama) was the Shadow Govt. laughing in our faces, and saying, “Do you see what we can do with the electorate, and your pessant form of govt.” They installed Barack in office of the Commader in Chief without even a birth certificate or any proof of collegiate accomplishment of any kind. Obama a known communist community organizer from Chicago actually had a strong homosexual bent. To top of the Obama cake was the fact that the first lady was also genetical a male (icing). During Obama’s admin. the new false flag events of the lone shooter drills span the entirety of the 8 years. The goal of these lone shooter “incidents” are obvious as was the seizing of all weapons from the German people before the NAZI war in Europe. Once the people are unarmed then the tyrants can slowy murder the undesirable’s. President Nixon’s administration was a payoff to a Pepsi lawyer that certainly knew too much. From the 5412 committee (assassination squad) JFK, to the 8900 Korean War POW’s that were never repatrioted from Korea, China and other unknown destinations. The WaterGate debacle was clear proof that not only did Richard Nixon have knowledge concerning President Kennedy’s death but a few democrats within the campaign offices at the WaterGate Towers also had knowledge of who had been involved in the killing of John Kennedy and how. The media would never let us forget that Nixon was the first (and only) President that ever lied to us all on TV. Lyndon Johnson couldn’t be outdone in realm of mysterious deaths in his wake. With Johnsons little companion Malcolm Wallace manage to murder at least 8 persons which included Josepha Johnson (Lyndons flesh in blood sister). The Vietnam War would have never gotten off the ground had it not been for Lyndon Johnson, and the Congress of the U.S. which gave Johnson a blank check to kick it all off. Learning from the┬áReichstag Fire all illegal wars or Coup De tats should be initiated with a false flag event such as (the Gulf of Tonkin incident) which had been handled by Admiral Morrison (father of Jim Morrison the Doors). The sixties brought us many changes with the CIA’s introduction of LSD, and stepped up use of Herion, and various forms of enhanced grass. No youthful revolt from society would be complete without a hippie counter-culture and orchestrated derailment of all war protests. In otherwords tweed coated profesors and little Quaker ladies would be replaced with, [long haried hippie freaks]. This time brought the free world MKULTRA torture and brainwashing techniques sponsored by the CIA. With the Tavistock Institute invention of the Beatles, and the insurgence of the British invasion the unsuspecting youth of America would be inchanted with a new look, attitude, and spirit. The age of Aquarius within the U.S. would not to be outdone in the field of brainwashing an entire youth of baby boomers. The Mount Lookout labratories located in Laurel Canyon Ca. was actively primping and grooming the long haired rock-n-roll idols that would inspire this new counter culture of the sixties. This combination of counter/CIA culture mixed with drug experimentation was the wedge that split America into the two groups, the WILD and the Fearful. This was the platform that Richard Nixon would use to rally the “moral majority” termed by Jerry Falwell a stalwart of the Vietnam War. The three men that clearly got in the way of the Vietnam War were these: President John F Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Robert F Kennedy. With the removal of these valiant men, the Jesuit/CIA agenda could go chugging forward without any road blocks. Obviously global dominance is the key goal of these sinister forces, and it never has changed. The Jesuits of Rome are the unscene hand that has been behind a great deal of our tragedies and horrors around the world. The Presidential administrations listed above all campaigned as christians, with term “family values” dripping from their lips. They all declared the US as a christian nation meanwhile kissing the Vatican’s Ass and preparing the way for a truly New World Order. They should always be remembered in this light Lest our history or “ministry of truth” decide to hit the delete edit button. 1 Cor. 10:12 Therefore let him that thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall.

The Darby’s of this world are almost too good to be true.

Tracktruth Jim Terry