Jim Woodford flies to Heaven bonus Angel Hugs!!

Star Trek, bright light, tunnel, green grass, bluish sky, [golden light traveler], glimpse into hell and fire, then angel hugs, with beings hugging and bowing to “Jim”, feminine/masculine but not either or,, with thought transference, [telepathy]. “We are your constant friends” says the “Guardian” angel. This is nothing but demonic dreams from someone that either is clueless to what God really is and his Holy Word, or Jim is a deceiver liar, con artist wanting only to sell books and make people believe in his astral projection travels. It is demonic.

Angel feathers

Kathyrn Kuhlman

I”m glad to see this research and discourse in an open format. Its very sad that she wanted what seemed normal in a marraige unfortunately she bit the apple with her husband which left his wife and family for her, and then they married, which she denied later. In one of her speeches she talked with the student body at Oral Roberts Univ. In this speech in about 1972 she used the word “I” over 100 times and the word “Me” over approx. 50 times. In this speech she stated infactically that the youth of 1972 would be the last generation that would see Great Tribulation which she made it clear that God had told her this. She was very flamboyant and gracious appearing, people beloved her dearly but in truth she was very mortal and fallible as the rest of us, and the believers of those days spent a great deal of time watching idlely by while the show went on. Before was the Aimee S. McPherson who was exposed as a fraud, but non the less people would also create a “Heroine” identity for her as well. Hero worship, wanting heros, and what a mistake we made of it. Now we have sit through 40 years of Benny Hinn with the same report, and commentary at the end of his career. Into the 21 century there are no doubt at least 100 fake healers to take their place still carrying the aformentioned crew on a pedestal as they bilk millions of viewers and of millions of dollars.

Kathryn Kuhlmann

COVID19 Spreading a virus (how to)

People are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. The Psychological Operation technique is always to instill fear in the masses. The initial idea may have been to monitor how the public would react to the incident. The very idea of there being a shortage of toilet paper is ludicrous in the light that people would always have a supply of a basic necessity. The toilet paper ploy was to monitor one particular item over the period of the “Pandemic”. It takes a laboratory to cultivate and build an adequate virus in todays world because of the very fact that we are a people that wash their hands as well as bodies, use various types of hand cleaner even mechanics and manufacturing people. In order to spread a Pandemic in todays world would require a vehicle to spread the virus. This why the masses should demand that all Geo-Engineering and spraying stop immediately. The air is the most likely vehicle in which to spread such a virus. Which would more than imply that someone or group of people are responsible for this spreading of a virus. People begin to get anxious acting irrational falling for the media hype story and fake new reports. We should back off and take a chill pill NOW and slow down the narrative. Time to breath and weigh the actual threat, do our own threat assessment at this point do no not fall for the scare tactics. 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. King James Version

America the Harlot its your time

God has blest America time and time again with overflow and many blessings. The 2020 election has shown the whole that even America’s electorate can be manipulated and even destroyed. Clearly the forces of darkness have taken over in America and this appears as the last chapter on what once was a great nation, “A shinning City upon a hill”. America has always been the bread basket of the world and has fed and cared for countless millions throughout the last 100 years. The Bible declares; Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things. Phil. 3:19. God has been very merciful to the USA, in the light of selfishness greed and perversions of all kinds. The 60 million murdered unborn babies, homosexuality being praised and perversions of all kinds not only being tolerated but instead celebrated. Is it any wonder that children in public schools have no sense of morality or as sense of self worth. The orchestrated attempt to question ones own genetic identity is a lie conceived in Hell and perpetrated by the loyal of Satan himself. The truth is that God has created us unique and in his image. To question this is pure secular deception. Because of mans wickedness that we see being manifested within the United States Gods hand of blessing has pulled away from America and may been turned over to a reprobate mind. As the two cities of Sodom and Gomarrah were destroyed the fate of a nation is being held in a balance. You have become a perverse and wicked nation. The very lackadaisical apathetic approach of many Mega Church leaders is proof that wickedness doth abound. Its not even self righteousness, its a worldly spirit that we have seen within some the most influential mega churches of today. A desire to be poplular and living in worldly success, good times, causing many of todays Christians to seek more and more through increased uncontrolable debt. Many people have been conned into trying to keep up with the Copelands, Jones’s, Osteen’s, or any one of the so-called ministers of the church. God is not mocked and these charlitons living these lifestyles of the rich and famous will face a very Holy God at the judgement seat of Christ, or for some the Greats White Throne Judgement. The only thing that remains in question is how and when. Its time for the true church to look up and pray to our Heavenly Father. The cup of iniquity is without a doubt over flowing and must stink all the way up to Heaven.