COVID19 Spreading a virus (how to)

People are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. The Psychological Operation technique is always to instill fear in the masses. The initial idea may have been to monitor how the public would react to the incident. The very idea of there being a shortage of toilet paper is ludicrous in the light that people would always have a supply of a basic necessity. The toilet paper ploy was to monitor one particular item over the period of the “Pandemic”. It takes a laboratory to cultivate and build an adequate virus in todays world because of the very fact that we are a people that wash their hands as well as bodies, use various types of hand cleaner even mechanics and manufacturing people. In order to spread a Pandemic in todays world would require a vehicle to spread the virus. This why the masses should demand that all Geo-Engineering and spraying stop immediately. The air is the most likely vehicle in which to spread such a virus. Which would more than imply that someone or group of people are responsible for this spreading of a virus. People begin to get anxious acting irrational falling for the media hype story and fake new reports. We should back off and take a chill pill NOW and slow down the narrative. Time to breath and weigh the actual threat, do our own threat assessment at this point do no not fall for the scare tactics. 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. King James Version

America the Harlot its your time

God has blest America time and time again with overflow and many blessings. The 2020 election has shown the whole that even America’s electorate can be manipulated and even destroyed. Clearly the forces of darkness have taken over in America and this appears as the last chapter on what once was a great nation, “A shinning City upon a hill”. America has always been the bread basket of the world and has fed and cared for countless millions throughout the last 100 years. The Bible declares; Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things. Phil. 3:19. God has been very merciful to the USA, in the light of selfishness greed and perversions of all kinds. The 60 million murdered unborn babies, homosexuality being praised and perversions of all kinds not only being tolerated but instead celebrated. Is it any wonder that children in public schools have no sense of morality or as sense of self worth. The orchestrated attempt to question ones own genetic identity is a lie conceived in Hell and perpetrated by the loyal of Satan himself. The truth is that God has created us unique and in his image. To question this is pure secular deception. Because of mans wickedness that we see being manifested within the United States Gods hand of blessing has pulled away from America and may been turned over to a reprobate mind. As the two cities of Sodom and Gomarrah were destroyed the fate of a nation is being held in a balance. You have become a perverse and wicked nation. The very lackadaisical apathetic approach of many Mega Church leaders is proof that wickedness doth abound. Its not even self righteousness, its a worldly spirit that we have seen within some the most influential mega churches of today. A desire to be poplular and living in worldly success, good times, causing many of todays Christians to seek more and more through increased uncontrolable debt. Many people have been conned into trying to keep up with the Copelands, Jones’s, Osteen’s, or any one of the so-called ministers of the church. God is not mocked and these charlitons living these lifestyles of the rich and famous will face a very Holy God at the judgement seat of Christ, or for some the Greats White Throne Judgement. The only thing that remains in question is how and when. Its time for the true church to look up and pray to our Heavenly Father. The cup of iniquity is without a doubt over flowing and must stink all the way up to Heaven.

Joe Biden Should Be Impeached Immediately

Joe Biden Is Hitler and Needs to Be Impeached Immediately

 am a firm believer in the Golden Rule – do onto others as you would have done unto you – but I add a caveat to make it something Democrats really claim to love: fairness. You start by treating people well, but once they demonstrate they aren’t going to reciprocate, to hell with them and it’s game on. After four years of screaming Republicans are this kind of “ist” or that kind of “phobe,” that’s exactly how I think of left-winger’s newfound love of “unity.”

Joe Biden deserves exactly the same respect Democrats showed Donald Trump in 2016, which is exactly none. Not only because turnabout is the fairest of plays, but also because they are really awful people. When someone is awful, they deserve exactly what they give others.

Moreover, they haven’t stopped being awful.

I like to say “the only human beings worse than New England sports fans after they lose are New England sports fans after they win.” It’s funny because it’s true, or at least it used to be. Now you can replace “New England sports fans” with Democrats.

Ever since the media called the election, Democrats are acting like they won in a landslide. There’s a good argument for any politician pretending like they’ve received a mandate from the voters, otherwise they’d never get anything done. However, humility should play a role in anyone’s reaction to an event, and Democrats have demonstrated none.CARTOONS | LISA BENSONVIEW CARTOON

In fact, they’ve demonstrated the exact opposite – a complete disconnect from reality and sense of entitlement.

Everyone on the left, from the media to those elected, have been their worst selves since Saturday. Petty things such as “journalists” like ABC’s Jon Karl and Weeble Brian Stelter publicly turning off Twitter notifications for the president to wannabe Gestapo members compiling lists of “unacceptable” people whose only “crime” is disagreeing with them are now common.

One Washington Post stenographer for Democrats claimed, after having said he’s traveled the country the last four years seeing signs and flags with mean messages to liberals from Trump supporters, that “The gloatiest liberal takes pale before the meanness and mockery that got piled on libs since 2016.” Of course, only in a well-insulated media bubble does anyone not notice the difference between random Americans creating signs that upset liberal sensibilities and media figures/elected Democrats seeking retribution against those who’d done nothing but not support Democrats.

Since leftists don’t notice the difference, or care, there is no reason for any respect to be shown. Republicans, both elected and just random people, should show every elected Democrat and those pretending to be journalists the exact same level of deference and respect they’ve shown Donald Trump from the moment he rode down that escalator; the same amount they’ve shown everyone who’s voted for him, either time, since. Which, in case you haven’t noticed, is none. 

From the start, the entire Democrat Industrial Complex, aided by squishy Republicans who’d bought into the liberal lie of Russian collusion, did everything in its power to thwart the president and a conservative agenda. They let their personal feeling override what the voters said and the interests of the country. No reason we shouldn’t do the same thing.

From the get-go, Donald Trump was called Hitler, with Chris Matthews describing his inaugural address as “Hitlarian,” and talk of impeachment started long before the vote was certified. Every obstruction option was exercised, a favor which should be returned.

There’s a lot of evidence suggesting Joe Biden and his family used his positions in government to make a lot of money and hid it. Investigations need to be launched in the Senate, allegations pressed in the House, and insisted upon in media appearances. Nothing should be off the table.

Democrats spent four years demonizing not only President Trump, but anyone who supported him. Who hasn’t been called a racist, sexist, xenophobe, transphobe, planet killer, monster, murderer, white supremacist, etc., in the last four years? Now they want “unity”? No way.


The 2020 Election Coup De Tat

The Coup De Tat was clearly when the Biden Socialist loser’s stole the election and destroyed what was left of our beautiful Republic. We are a nation in disgrace showing the whole world that America has turned into a banana republic. The goal of these socialist change agents in very clear: Destroy America from within, and annilate the economy of the entire US. Force every person into RFID chip identificaton, and mandatory vaccinations. Steal all of the earnings of every tax paying person, and impose Wealth redistribution upon everyone. The goverment hacks will control all of the money and then “dole” out as seen necessary. These communist change agents will force all children into reeducaton systems as well as any agitant, decenters, and or Christians will be forced into reeduction camps. Those that refuse to go alone with this new agenda will either be killed or inprisoned. Vaccinations will be mandatory and the eugenicist plans will have come into full fruition. The end for America will come like that of ripened fruit when its taken by the most powerful militaries of the remaining world. China and Russia will dominate the overtake and dole out to the lesser communist nations. Anyone left standing in the USA will be treated just as the new Biden Administration treated the Republican and desenters that stood against them. This entire process could manifest within the next 6 years and close the end to what once was a beautiful nation, a Republic. Congratulations to the fools that considered themselves more intelligent than God Almighty. Good luck.