Dominionist Coexist moving towards the One World Church

For the last 70 years especially within America so called Christian evangelicals pastors and teachers have clearly had leanings towards One World Ecumenical Church. The devised unity of all religions and faiths. The CoExist idealogy as the new religious mantra is not by accident or happenstance but by design. The Luciferian/ freemasonic under current hasContinue reading “Dominionist Coexist moving towards the One World Church”

Jim Woodford flies to Heaven bonus Angel Hugs!!

Star Trek, bright light, tunnel, green grass, bluish sky, [golden light traveler], glimpse into hell and fire, then angel hugs, with beings hugging and bowing to “Jim”, feminine/masculine but not either or,, with thought transference, [telepathy]. “We are your constant friends” says the “Guardian” angel. This is nothing but demonic dreams from someone that eitherContinue reading “Jim Woodford flies to Heaven bonus Angel Hugs!!”