Jim Woodford flies to Heaven bonus Angel Hugs!!

Star Trek, bright light, tunnel, green grass, bluish sky, [golden light traveler], glimpse into hell and fire, then angel hugs, with beings hugging and bowing to “Jim”, feminine/masculine but not either or,, with thought transference, [telepathy]. “We are your constant friends” says the “Guardian” angel. This is nothing but demonic dreams from someone that either is clueless to what God really is and his Holy Word, or Jim is a deceiver liar, con artist wanting only to sell books and make people believe in his astral projection travels. It is demonic.

Angel feathers

Published by track truth

I am a student of polictical history. My mission is to search out the least trodden paths and dig for the truth. The media presents an edited version of the story. I seek to fill in the true details.

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