Kathyrn Kuhlman

I”m glad to see this research and discourse in an open format. Its very sad that she wanted what seemed normal in a marraige unfortunately she bit the apple with her husband which left his wife and family for her, and then they married, which she denied later. In one of her speeches she talked with the student body at Oral Roberts Univ. In this speech in about 1972 she used the word “I” over 100 times and the word “Me” over approx. 50 times. In this speech she stated infactically that the youth of 1972 would be the last generation that would see Great Tribulation which she made it clear that God had told her this. She was very flamboyant and gracious appearing, people beloved her dearly but in truth she was very mortal and fallible as the rest of us, and the believers of those days spent a great deal of time watching idlely by while the show went on. Before was the Aimee S. McPherson who was exposed as a fraud, but non the less people would also create a “Heroine” identity for her as well. Hero worship, wanting heros, and what a mistake we made of it. Now we have sit through 40 years of Benny Hinn with the same report, and commentary at the end of his career. Into the 21 century there are no doubt at least 100 fake healers to take their place still carrying the aformentioned crew on a pedestal as they bilk millions of viewers and of millions of dollars.

Kathryn Kuhlmann

Published by track truth

I am a student of polictical history. My mission is to search out the least trodden paths and dig for the truth. The media presents an edited version of the story. I seek to fill in the true details.

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