The 2020 Election Coup De Tat

The Coup De Tat was clearly when the Biden Socialist loser’s stole the election and destroyed what was left of our beautiful Republic. We are a nation in disgrace showing the whole world that America has turned into a banana republic. The goal of these socialist change agents in very clear: Destroy America from within, and annilate the economy of the entire US. Force every person into RFID chip identificaton, and mandatory vaccinations. Steal all of the earnings of every tax paying person, and impose Wealth redistribution upon everyone. The goverment hacks will control all of the money and then “dole” out as seen necessary. These communist change agents will force all children into reeducaton systems as well as any agitant, decenters, and or Christians will be forced into reeduction camps. Those that refuse to go alone with this new agenda will either be killed or inprisoned. Vaccinations will be mandatory and the eugenicist plans will have come into full fruition. The end for America will come like that of ripened fruit when its taken by the most powerful militaries of the remaining world. China and Russia will dominate the overtake and dole out to the lesser communist nations. Anyone left standing in the USA will be treated just as the new Biden Administration treated the Republican and desenters that stood against them. This entire process could manifest within the next 6 years and close the end to what once was a beautiful nation, a Republic. Congratulations to the fools that considered themselves more intelligent than God Almighty. Good luck.

Published by track truth

I am a student of polictical history. My mission is to search out the least trodden paths and dig for the truth. The media presents an edited version of the story. I seek to fill in the true details.

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